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Ranks in the clan Empty Ranks in the clan

Post  BlaseRevenger on Tue Feb 05, 2013 10:00 pm

- Notice these ranks may change frequently so check often.

High ranking officers:

President - Bvileta, 1st squad, head commander

General - MileHighChamp91 2st squad leader

Colonel - ZenGhost93 3rd squad

Lieutenant Colonel - BlaseRevenger 3rd squad field CPT

Major - Acesapper2011

Captain - XxUMADxXRambo16

LT. 1. - NLEE97, 2nd squad field LT

LT.2 - Ambrotious, 3rd squad field LT

Sergeant Major - BruisingAtom60

Sergeant - H8rs Beware6


xSchafbuchx, Private
vvakKey, Private
jordancastaneda4, Private

Tyty305, Private, 2nd Squad
Vaquero101, Private
itsbrian, Private

- Major BlaseRevenger P.S - I love XGR :)
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